• Limitations with base station computer networking in mobile environments
  • Expense in printer support maintenance and costly cartridge replacement
  • Loss in productivity due to lack of readily available resources to support activity
  • Aircraft down time due to aircraft damage cause by constant repositioning staging
  • Increased Injury Risk, Fatigue, Distractions and Human Errors
  • Paperwork misplacement due to large volumes being handle on day to day base
  • In ability to maintain standardization amount large number of staff

Company Advantages

With our secure corporate cloud solutions AAMS provides a comprehensive, user-friendly, efficient and real time method of recording, tracking and controlling all your aircraft maintenance activities all at your fingertips by simply utilizing a regular network computer, laptop, tablet or iPad iOS system.

Current Maintenance ERP System Not Affected
Electronic Record Keeping Of Historical Data Readily Available
Long Term Maintenance Material Cost Reduction
Green Innovative Company
Improvement To Production Man-Hours
Competitive Third-Party Maintenance Quotes
Increase Work Load Volumes

Improvements with Aams

Improved Cloud-Based Document Control System

  • Inspection Task Cards
  • Company Procedures
  • MELP’s
  • Maintenance Program
  • Service Bulletin’s
  • Airworthiness Directives
  • Service Letters
  • Alert Operator Messages
  • Maintenance Manuals
  • AIPC’s
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Repair Drawings
  • Training Libraries
  • Fillable PDF Forms
  • Aircraft Historical Data

System Integration

Training Library
Admin Docs
Aircraft Docs
Library Docs
Personnel Files
Shops Docs
Third Party Records
OEM & Vendor Docs

Process Flow

  • Simply One Device to Handle
  • Paperless Environment
  • Fatigue Reduction
  • Production Improvement
  • Improved Time Keeping
  • Human Error Reduction
  • Aircraft Incident Control
  • Electronic Data Storage
  • Zonal Inspection Control
  • Work Package Control
  • Overall Quality Control

Additional Services

Maintenance Organization Exposition (MOE)
Minimum Equipment List (MEL)
Maintenance Program
Procedures Manuals
Training Manuals