why aams


Over the years of working in the Aircraft Maintenance environment it has been observed that large cost has always been attributed to admin material cost i.e. printers, computers paper and personnel to support the current in-house processes using the day to day choice of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP's), which are limited in operators features and requirements. It is also noticeable that majority of the ERP's System are not always suitable to Rotor Wing Aircraft due to imposed cycles factor counting by OEM’s. Regardless of the already inherited tracking issues, documentation printing and control is and still remains the main focal point for the execution of tasks which poses major challenges to large scale maintenance facilities which is still accomplished manually.

With the incorporation of the Active Aircraft Maintenance System (AAMS) the introduction of a one stop shop to all end users on the tail end of the current ERP’s systems and tracking medium in use allows for the immediate updating, downloading of the source materials and accessibility from any location. The system process and control will remain the same as per company procedures no matter what ERP or tracking medium is enforced. All documents generated remains in the electronic format which drive annual material cost down along with man-power requirements to maintain the system. In a "Nut Shell" AAMS has proven to be absolutely one if not the best Asset Management tool in its price range on the market today and will not disrupt operators, ERP’s, work flow, current processes and procedures but will on the other hand enhance and add addition control to current system and process.